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cartagen - Client side framework for creating vector maps in HTML5

Cartagen from Jeffrey Warren is a client framework to build vector-based maps in HTML5.

Here’s a quick video demo:

One interesting feature is how Cartagen uses GSS, or a CSS vocabulary for geospatial data:

waterway: {
  fillStyle: "#57d",
  strokeStyle: "#24a",
  lineWidth: 4,
  pattern: "/images/pattern-water.gif"
water: {
  strokeStyle: "#24a",
  lineWidth: 4,
  pattern: "/images/pattern-water.gif"
highway: {
  strokeStyle: "white",
  lineWidth: 6,
  outlineWidth: 3,
  outlineColor: "white",
  fontColor: "#333",
  fontBackground: "white",
  fontScale: "fixed",
  text: function() { return this.tags.get('name') }

Cartagen comes in both client and server editions

[Source on GitHub] [Cartagen.org Wiki] [API docs]


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