Namit Chadha

Catch UI regressions with Huxley from Facebook

Pete Hunt and Maykel Loomans (from Instagram) launched Huxley a little while back. It's a test-like system for catching visual UI regressions in web applications -- similar to a test suite for code, but instead it takes screenshots as you browse and compares them to a known good version of your site.

I’ve been playing around with Huxley for a bit on a test project and I think it solves a hard problem: making sure you don’t break your website’s UI when quickly iterating and shipping often (you’re doing this right?).

Huxley helps reduce the chance of shipping broken UI by running through a user flow, taking screenshots and comparing them to a known good version of your site.

It runs in two modes: record and playback. You can test responsive sites with the screensize setting in the Huxleyfile.

Great. Now get going in a couple of minutes by following the source and documentation here.


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