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Centurion makes deploying Docker images easy

New Relic has Open Sourced their tool for managing Docker deployments across multiple environments.

Centurion is a DSL for defining environment variables, Docker hosts to deploy to, volumes, and ports. Centurion can be used to define these on a per environment basis, ensuring the same image is shipped with the correct configuration for the environment it is being deployed to.

Centurion can even handle rolling deploys by deploying to a host and checking a specific URL to become available before moving to the next host.

Here's an example of Centurion in action:

 namespace :environment do
  task :common do
    set :image, ''
    host ''
    host ''

  desc 'Staging environment'
  task :staging => :common do
    env_vars YOUR_ENV: 'staging'
    env_vars MY_DB: ''
    host_port 10234, container_port: 9292
    host_port 10235, container_port: 9293
    host_volume '/mnt/volume1', container_volume: '/mnt/volume2'

  desc 'Production environment'
  task :production => :common do
    env_vars YOUR_ENV: 'production'
    env_vars MY_DB: ''
    host_port 22234, container_port: 9292
    host_port 23235, container_port: 9293
    command ['/bin/bash', '-c', '/path/to/server -e production']

Docker was unveiled at DockerCon 2014 in the talk Docker Deployments: Powerful for Developers, Painless for Ops by Karl Matthais and Paul Showalter

Centurion is available as a Ruby gem and source is on Github.


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