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Copycopter: Turn copywriting over to your clients


Thoughtbot, Ruby development shop, creators of Hoptoad, and purveyor of fine open sources have just released Copycopter, a nifty way you can offload copy changes to your clients. Copycopter piggy-backs off of Rails il8n to let you refer to text by key in your app and update that text live via a web interface.


Although Copycopter is a paid service, there is a free trial. Thoughtbot also provides a Ruby wrapper to make it easy to use. To install just add the following to your Rails 3 Gemfile:

gem "copycopter_client"

… and run bundle install as usual.

Next, create a Rails initializer at config/initializers/copycopter.rb with the following:

CopycopterClient.configure do |config|
  config.api_key = "YOUR API KEY HERE"

Now you can start referencing text by key with the built-in t helper:

# view
<%= t(".tagline", :default => "Open Source moves fast. Keep up.") %>

# controller
def index
  flash[:success] = t("giant.greeting", :default => "Fee fi fo fum")

Be sure and check out the Readme for more usage.

[Source on GitHub] [Announcement]


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