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ctrlp - Fuzzy file, buffer, mru and tag finder for Vim

One of the biggest pain points for folks like me that switched to Vim from TextMate has been a good way to find and open files within a project. The Command-T plugin has kept me mostly happy, even though it requires running Vim compiled with Ruby support.

This weekend at Jesse’s recommendation, I tried ctrlp.vim, a fuzzy file, buffer, Most Recently Used (MRU), and tag finder written in pure Vimscript.

Installation with Janus couldn’t be simpler, just add the line to your ~/.janus.rake:

vim_plugin_task "ctrlp", "https://github.com/kien/ctrlp.vim.git"

and install with

rake ctrlp

Once you’ve installed the plugin and reloaded Vim, you can invoke with <c-p> or :CtrlP. Just type your search query and watch how fast you can find and open files in your project. See the README for details on changing key mappings, using RegEx-based searches, and advanced usage.



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