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Cupertino - Mechanize the Apple Dev Center

Cupertino is a great new tool by the amazing Mattt Thompson:

Automate administrative tasks that you would normally have to do through the Apple Dev Center websites. Life’s too short to manage device identifiers by hand!

You can easily list devices like this:

$ ios devices:list

Easily add one like this:

$ ios devices:add "Sam's iPhone":abcdefg...

There’s support for the following commands:

  • devices:add
  • devices:remove
  • certificates:list [-e development|distribution]
  • certificates:add [-e development|distribution]
  • certificates:download CERTIFICATE_NAME
  • certificates:revoke CERTIFICATE_NAME
  • app_ids:list
  • app_ids:new

Definitely worth checking out if you spend any amount of time in the iOS Provisioning Portal. Thanks Mattt!


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