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dalli: High performance memcached client for Ruby

After maintaining memcached-client for a couple of years, Mike Perham decided it was time to build a new Ruby client for Memcached from the ground up. Dalli aims to be a simpler, high performance client for Memcached the simple, ultra-fast in-memory key value store.

Among the improvements in Dalli:

  • Use of the faster binary Memcached protocol vs. the slower text protocol
  • Almost 500 fewer lines of Ruby
  • Monitoring hooks for tools like New Relic and Rack::Bug
  • SASL support for managed environments

To get started, just install the gem

sudo gem install dalli

You can then write to and read from your cache:

require 'dalli'
dc = Dalli::Client.new('localhost:11211')
dc.set('abc', 123)
value = dc.get('abc')

[Source on GitHub]


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