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Deployinator - Deploy with Style, by Etsy

I am super excited to make this post.

One of my favorite engineering blogs is Code as Craft. Etsy is one of my favorite startups, they’ve got cool people working there, they help people make and sell neat things, and contribute a lot back to the community.

A while ago, they mentioned that they had an in-house, custom deployment tool. And they were thinking about open sourcing it. I’m really fascinated by what (by now) is being hailed as “DevOps,” and so I was really interested to see what they were building.

And then I waited.

And now, they’ve released it. From their GitHub, it’s just a little Sinatra app that you can run. It has the concept of ‘stacks,’ so you can roll things out in waves if you’d like. They give an example of having a ‘search’ stack and a ‘web’ stack. Each stack can have environments, so you have ‘search staging’ and ‘search production,’ for example.

It’s a bit light on documentation at the moment, and since it came out under an hour ago, I have yet to try it out for myself. But I’m super excited to, and wanted to share. Bust out those fork buttons!

Check out the source on GitHub.


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