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earthquake: Twitter terminal client with streaming API support

As at least one observant Twitter user has noticed, I’m testing out a new Twitter client. Earthquake, from jugyo (十行), is a Command Line Interface Twitter client similar to Console Tweet but with support for Twitter’s Streaming API.


Installation and usage

To get started, install Earthquake via RubyGems:

gem install earthquake

The gem installs a command line application, invoked via earthquake. The first time you run the application, you’ll be redirected to Twitter in a new browser window to authorize the application and provide a PIN to enter into the Earthquake prompt to complete the OAuth setup:

~ » earthquake                                                                        ~  
1) open: http://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=UF5HD9XH8pvAQtrhvQwpO0iZmyvLgJ8sGhEPdhLA
2) Enter the PIN: 

Once authenticated, you’ll get a nifty lightning bolt prompt (⚡) from which you can tweet, search, even eval Ruby:

# tweet
⚡ Hello World!

# Search
⚡ :search #ruby

# Eval
⚡ :eval Time.now

As Mathias Meyer was nice to point out, you’ll want to type :exit not exit to leave the application.

Be sure and check the README for advanced usage and color customization.

Earthquake for Node.js?

Intrigued by my exit tweet, Changelog alum Tim Caswell wants to rebuild Earthquake in Node.js and offered a fine start in under thirty seconds.

[Source on GitHub]


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