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Fast-python-pb: Fast Python Protocol Buffers!

Greplin, the personal search engine for your Cloud Data, released a new set of Python bindings for Google’s Protocol Buffer’s C++ Library.

What are protocol buffers?

Protocol Buffers are a typed “efficient yet extensible format” for serializing/transporting/interfacing with structured data. They are used internally at Google for everything from file formats to RPC protocols.

Google has released its internal Protocol Buffer C++ library, with wrappers for Java and Python. The Google bindings have been criticized for being a performance bottleneck for many people trying to adopt the new standard.

This new wrapper by Greplin is faster than the one Google provides. Much faster. 10-15x’s faster.

While fast-python-pb is fully usable, it’s not yet feature-complete. Currently, it only supports string, int32, int64, double, and sub message members.

It’s released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Pull requests are welcome!

[Source on GitHub] [Protocol Buffers Documentation]


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