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Feed the Bridge Troll

Looking for an open source project that has real world impact? Bridge Troll is an open source event management system that was created to meet the need of handling communication and administration between attendees and volunteers participating in free RailsBridge workshops around the globe.

(For more about RailsBridge workshops check out our episode with Sarah Mei.)

From the README:

Bridge Troll aims to provide a single site for Students and Volunteers to register for workshops, so that Organizers have as much information as possible in one place to help them plan their workshop. Organizers will be able to easily contact attendees before a workshop, sort students and volunteers into classes on the workshop day, and provide follow-up surveys afterward.

New to contributing to open source? The Bridge Troll team provides a guide to making open source contributions and Github issues tagged with “easy for beginner” flags will help you to start contributing in no time.

Bridge Troll isn’t just for beginners, though. If you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll be helping develop tools to allow workshop organizers and attendees communicate more effectively so they can focus on the learning. It’s a great opportunity to mentor as well!

Find out more about the Bridge Troll project on Github.


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