fikus: Cloud-friendly Ruby CMS powered by Padrino and MongoDB

For the developer, a blog or CMS is like a favorite t-shirt. It doesn’t have to be fashionable, but it’s got to fit. It’s in that spirit that we highlight Fikus, the new simple Ruby CMS from Tim Gourley.

What makes Fikus special?

  • Powered by Padrino. Sinatra’s cool Italian cousin provides a built-in admin panel. Checkout out Episode 0.2.7 for more on this cool Ruby web framework.
  • MongoDB. Document-oriented databases are great CMS databases, as we discussed in Episode 0.0.7
  • HAML-based layouts. Never hunt down a closing </div> again.
  • Cloud friendly. Fikus is ready for Engine Yard AppCloud and Heroku out of the box.

Fikus is also chock full of caching optimizations and Rack middleware, or go add your own.

[Source on GitHub]

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