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fix-me: $100 open source bounty from seaofclouds

Got CSS chops? Fork this repo from seaofclouds, fix the layout and make one hundred bucks:

Scrollbars appear when they don’t need to. This is due to the 100% height / min-height style. I’ve tried many solutions; none have stuck.


  • Fixed width and centered content and sidebar
  • Height of content and sidebar must be the same
  • Height of content and sidebar must grow to accommodate more content
  • Height of content and sidebar must not be shorter than window height
  • Height of header must remain flexible, and not impact the CSS used to fix this issue.
  • Content and sidebar background images contain gradients that must extend to fill 100% width
  • Scrollbars only when needed.
  • No Javascript to fix the problem (I realize that with jquery, it would be trivial to set the height, but there’s gotta be a way in CSS!)
  • Target Browsers: Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, bonus points for ie7+8 (separate stylesheet okay)

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