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FnordMetric - beautiful real-time metrics dashboard powered by EventMachine and Redis

Paul Asmuth has released FnordMetric, a great looking tracking dashboard app that lets you measure and visualize events within your application.


FnordMetric ships with a standalone webserver, and sports a nice Ruby DSL:

# numeric (delta) gauge, 1-hour tick
gauge :messages_sent, 
  :tick => 1.hour.to_i, 
  :title => "Messages (sent) per Hour"

# on every event like { _type: 'message_sent' }
event(:message_sent) do
  # increment the messages_sent gauge by 1
  incr :messages_sent 

# draw a list of the most visited urls (url, visits + percentage), auto-refresh every 20s
widget 'Overview', {
  :title => "Top Pages",
  :type => :toplist,
  :autoupdate => 20,
  :gauges => [ :pageviews_per_url_daily ]

Check out Paul’s screencast or the README for more.


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