Jerod Santo

Get your #Hacktoberfest shirt without writing a lick of code

Hacktoberfest is here once again, and we devs will do just about anything for a free shirt.

However, there’s a war inside us. The Acquire Free Swag inclination is at odds with the Be Super Lazy inclination, leaving many wondering… “What’s the absolute easiest route to that sweet, sweet swag?!”

We have two repos where your contribution is functionally equivalent to hitting the Hacktoberfest Easy Button:

  1. Changelog Transcripts
  2. Changelog Show Notes

Both are Markdown-based, so there’s no coding required. They’re also integrated directly in to our open source CMS, so merged improvements go live on immediately.

All you have to do is pick an episode, have a listen, and improve its [transcript|notes]. You’ll be contributing back to the community, earning a free shirt, and hardly working at all. That’s a win/win/win.

Oh, and did I mention we have one of the quickest merge buttons in The ’Verse? What are you waiting for…


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