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git-achievements: Earn geeky merit badges while learning Git

Between Foursquare and Gowalla, it seems badges are all the rage these days. Benjamin C. Meyer aka icefox, brings the fun to your terminal with Git Achievements. The premise is simple: unlock badges as you learn and use git, everyone’s favorite distributed version control system. For instance, running

git add --help

will unlock the “Student” badge. Want to become an “Investigator?” try using git blame. There are over forty achievements in all, and you can view them in the project source.

To install, download or clone the project and alias git to git-achievements, perhaps in your .bash_profile:

export PATH="$PATH:~/git/git-achievements"
alias git="git-achievements"

Now try it out.

git achievements --help

Congrats, you’ve unlocked your first achievement!

For über git geek status, you can have your achievements posted to GH Pages, just like Benjamin does.

First, fork and clone the repository. Then configure auto uploading:

git config --global achievement.upload "true"

Benjamin just added Merchant Level 5. What’s next? Maybe Foursquare-style achievements like

Erik Michaels-Ober just ousted John Nunemaker as Mayor of the Twitter Ruby gem

[Source on GitHub]


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