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git-pulls: Manage GitHub pull requests from the command line

As much as I love the new GitHub pull requests, I like to stay in the terminal as much as possible. When I’m ready to start patching, hopping between the browser and the command line cuts into productivity.

I was excited to find git-pulls, a nifty command line interface to GitHub pull requests from Scott Chacon.

To get started, install git-pulls via Rubygems:

gem install git-pulls

… and update the list of outstanding pull requests:

linkedin [ master: ✔ ] » git pulls update                           ~/Projects/linkedin  
Updating pengwynn/linkedin
Checking for forks in need of fetching
  fetching camilleroux/linkedin
Open Pull Requests for pengwynn/linkedin
30   01/22 0  Share API                           sabril:master       
28   01/14 0  Support for Profile Recommendations Erol:master         
26   12/09 0  add 'notes' field to Education      camilleroux:master  
23   11/17 0  Get more data from linkedin and bun finalist:master     
22   10/29 0  Upgrade to 0.4.0 of oauth.          zenom:master        
21   10/19 0  Related connections                 ryanbrunner:related-
20   10/19 1  Two new topic branches with new fie ryanbrunner:recommen
16   09/03 0  bundler and load path madness fix,  joshk:master        
15   09/02 0  Added field public_profile_url      troysteinbauer:maste
linkedin [ master: ✔ ] »                                            ~/Projects/linkedin

Whoa. Someone has some patching to do.

To view summary info for a pull request, use git pulls show

linkedin [ master: ✔ ] » git pulls show 30                          ~/Projects/linkedin  
Number   : 30
Label    : sabril:master
Created  : Sat Jan 22 12:03:23 -0600 2011
Votes    : 0
Comments : 0

Title    : Share API
Body     :

add share function for new share API


client.share(:comment => 'new share API', :title => 'Linkedin Share API', :url => 'http://developer.linkedin.com/docs/DOC-1212', :image_url => 'http://images.bizjournals.com/travel/cityscapes/thumbs/sm_sanfrancisco.jpg')

Working on Resharing and Retrieving Share Info 


cmd: git diff HEAD...5772b1ee444e6f438ecc01c415236198e0783e00
 lib/linked_in/client.rb  |   22 +++++++++++++++++++++-
 test/client_test.rb      |    4 ++++
 test/fixtures/shares.xml |   12 ++++++++++++
 3 files changed, 37 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

You can also view the full details with git pulls show <id> –full. There’s also support for merging pull requests with git pull merge. If you need to comment on the pull request on the web site, you can open the the request online with git pulls browse <id>.

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