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gitifier: Growl alerts for any Git repo including GitHub and Gitorious

Last week we covered GithubNotifier, a nifty Mac OSX menu app that monitors GitHub using the API and notifies you of updates to your repositories.

Jakub Suder has released, Gitifier his own take on the idea, opting instead to use Git itself to do the monitoring, which has some added benefits.

Support for any Git repository

Since Gitifier uses the git command line tools directly, it can listen in to any Git repository, not just the ones on GitHub but Gitorious or private Git mirrors. Jakub also lets you set the path to your git command regardless of how you installed Git, downloaded from source or installed via a package manager like Homebrew.

Less noise

Since you opt-in to just the repos you care about, there is less noise in your Growl alerts. For even more signal-to-noise you have the option of ignoring your own commits (since you already know about those) as well as merge commits.

[Source on GitHub] [Homepage] [Download Gitifier]


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