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High Quality MySQL driver for Node

Now that Felix Geisendörfer launched his node powered site http://transloadit.com, he’s tacked the much needed task of writing a high quality MySQL protocol implementation in pure JavaScript.

Using the high performance networking capabilities of node, and the awesome speed of V8, it’s now feasible to implement binary network protocols without resorting to writing C++ extensions and wrapping blocking APIs in thread pools.

Felix is a great programmer, but could use some help in the form of sponsorship and/or patches. We all win when high quality drivers are written and shared with the community.

Design Goals

  • TDD: All code is written using test driven development, code coverage should approach 100%
  • Simplicity: The MySQL protocol is easy, a good parser should reflect that
  • Efficiency: Use fast algorithms, buffers and as little memory as possible.
  • Portability: Should run anywhere node runs
  • Completeness: The goal is to support the full MySQL API.
  • Compatibility: MySql >= 4.1

Check out the code and more info on his git repo.


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