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Highlights from our conversation with the Safari team

I was listening back to our interview with Beth Dakin and Ronak Shah from the Safari team and there were so many good moments that I figured a round-up post was warranted. ICYMI (or don’t have time for the full convo), here’s the highlights from my POV.

Beth on “Safari is the new IE” 😳

This was probably my favorite moment from the entire podcast. “It does hurt my feelings!” Apple engineers are real people with real feelings?! Who would’a thunk… 😆

They’re all about the extensions 🧩

The technical feature that they definitely wanted to talk about the most was Safari’s newly added support for the Web Extensions API and just how easy it is port/convert your existing extensions to Safari 14.

Of course I just had to ask if all of this extensions hoopla was going to end up on our phones any time soon…

A short trip down memory lane 🧭

Remember Safari for Windows?! I did… in the middle of our conversation. Turns out Ronak and Beth remember it even better than the rest of us! 🤣

(Good) News to me 📰

One interesting technical bit that I haven’t heard discussed much elsewhere is a new privacy protection coming to Safari 14 that helps fight fingerprinting.

Does Apple believe in the web platform? 🤔

I couldn’t help myself but to loop back around to this line of questioning about Safari’s slow (or never) adoption of web platform-y features. This time I managed to get a response from both Ronak and Beth.

Those are my favorite moments, but there’s more goodies inside. Listen to the entire podcast episode right here 👇

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