Nick Janetakis

Crowd-sourcing how to traverse a nested data structure in different programming languages

we now have 85+ solutions across 35+ languages

I had a use case come up while developing an Elixir application that involved wanting to perform a nested loop while mutating 2 counters and a map. The repo has a full description of the problem.

I was able to solve it using Elixir, but I’m new to functional programming, so it took a bit of elbow grease and assistance to get a working solution.

After talking over the problem on IRC, José came up with a wonderful idea: to tweet out an open request to all developers and see how the community would solve the problem using their language of choice.

Within 24 hours there were just under 100 submissions across 35 languages! Everything from APL (which looks like alien hieroglyphics mixed with encrypted NES cheat codes) to Wenyan (which is an Ancient Chinese programming language).

If you’d like to submit a solution, please head over to the repo and check out the README. Multiple submissions for a single language are OK as long as your implementation is different from what already exists for that language.


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