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html5-boilerplate: Best practices starting point project for HTML5 and mobile web apps

While HTML5 is expanding in definition to include any whizz-bang feature in the post rounded corner web era, implementing actual HTML5 in your web app can be confusing. It’s a fast moving landscape that touches everything from traditional web apps to mobile.

Paul Irish, the Google Chrome dev relations guy who gave us the bulletproof syntax for @font-face, brings us his HTML5 Boilerplate a great tutorial/starting point for implementing a number of best practices in your desktop and mobile web applications including

  • HTML5 <!doctype> and CSS reset
  • Handheld stylesheets
  • CSS media queries for advanced mobile device targeting (even portrait or landscape layouts)
  • Paul’s Modernizr script for detecting device capabilities such as Modernizr.video.ogg

The current version is heavily documented. Paul promises a more slim, production ready version soon.

Check out the source on GitHub and the HTML5 Boilerplate homepage


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