Hyper: HTTP/2.0 in Pure Python

Ian Cordasco Ian Cordasco

The HTTP specification will be changing soon. Our old friend HTTP/1.1 will soon be replaced by HTTP/2.0. The new specification includes a lot of cool new mechanisms and goodies but all previous implementations for HTTP/1.1 will be incapable of handling them.

Hyper is a pure Python implemenation of the current draft (9) of HTTP/2.0's specification (and draft 5 of the HPACK specification).

As it is now, Hyper can be used as an almost drop-in replacement for Python's standard library http.client.

Here's a sample of Hyper's excellent API:

from hyper import HTTP20Connection

conn = HTTP20Connection('twitter.com:443')
conn.request('GET', '/')
response = conn.getresponse()


Cory Benfield, Hyper's author, intends to only support Python 3.3 and beyond. There is a distinctly strong possibility that asyncio will be leveraged when it is released as part of Python 3.4. There is also already an adapter written for requests.

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