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iJSON: Parse Streams of JSON in Python

JSON will forever serve as a great alternative for XML, but it has a weakness: big data. This is due to a lack of support for stream processing.

Luckily for Python, there’s now a solution. Ivan Sagalaev developed iJSON, a library for performing SAX-style parsing of JSON.

iJSON allows you to interact with the incoming datastream as a standard iterator.

Example Simple Data use:

from ijson import items

f = urlopen('http://.../')
objects = items(f, 'earth.europe.item')
cities = (o for o in objects if o['type'] == 'city')
for city in cities:

Example Big Data use:

from ijson import parse

f = urlopen('http://.../')
parser = parse(f)
for prefix, event, value in parser:
    if (prefix, event) == ('earth', 'map_key'):
        stream.write('<%s>' % value)
        continent = value
    elif prefix.endswith('.name'):
        stream.write('<object name="%s"/>' % value)
    elif (prefix, event) == ('earth.%s' % continent, 'end_map'):
        stream.write('</%s>' % continent)

To get started:

$ pip install ijson

[PyPi Listing] [GitHub Mirror]


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