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jsondns: DNS JSON API

If you’re building a cool domain name service or DNS-related mashup, be sure and check out JSON DNS from Joël Franusic. JSON DNS aims to create a standard for DNS info in JSON, and the project includes a small Rack app for serving that data over HTTP.

// curl http://dig.jsondns.org/IN/thechangelog.com/A
  "header": {
    "aa": false,
    "ra": true,
    "cd": false,
    "opcode": "Query",
    "qr": true,
    "arcount": 0,
    "rcode": "NOERROR",
    "tc": false,
    "qdcount": 1,
    "nscount": 0,
    "ad": false,
    "ancount": 1,
    "id": 30523,
    "rd": true
  "answer": [
      "type": "A",
      "class": "IN",
      "ttl": 3600,
      "name": "thechangelog.com",
      "rdata": ""
  "question": [
      "qname": "thechangelog.com",
      "qtype": "A",
      "qclass": "IN"
  "additional": [

  "authority": [


JSON DNS supports lookups for A, NS, and MX records and even supports JSONP to allow cross domain access.

[Source on GitHub] [Demo] [Discuss on Hacker News]


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