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Lint against the stdlib and more with PyLint-Brain

Most of us Pythonistas who have used either NINJA-IDE or PyCharm have benefited from their abilities to lint against the Python standard library. If you then started using tools like PyFlakes or PyLint, you probably longed for that feature. Users of PyLint can now rejoice since Logilab has announced PyLint-Brain. The standard library can be very difficult to lint against and can require some inspection of C extensions, but this is handled gracefully by PyLint-Brain.

Besides adding the ability to lint the standard library, PyLint-Brain will also support some of the most popular third party libraries used by Pythonistas. The list of libraries supported right now is short – just mechanize and qt4 but new libraries are being accepted (like requests) so that list will certainly grow.

As of this moment, you do not need to install Brain separately to use it. It is being provisionally included in PyLint so you will immediately start seeing the benefits.

Check out the source and overview on Bitbucket for more details.


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