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markx - Convert Markdown, Jade, and more to static HTML with Node.js

Markx from Greg Allen is a command line tool for creating static web sites from Markdown and Jade and includes built in live preview and syntax highlighting.

# convert markdown and code blocks to html
$ markx blog.md > blog.html

# convert jade to html
$ markx index.jade > index.html

# convert markdown with jade template to html
$ markx --template template.jade blog.md > blog.html

# live preview of your markdown file
$ markx --preview 8001 blog.md

# live preview of your markdown file with a custom header/footer
$ markx --preview 8001 --head head.html --foot foot.html blog.md

Syntax highlighting is provided by Ivan Sagalaev’s Highlight.js which supports most of the usual suspects.

Check the source on GitHub for installation and usage.


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