Mina - deploy your app over a single SSH connection

Wynn Netherland Wynn Netherland

Tools like Capistrano and Vlad have been popular for deploying applications to remote servers. Mina is a new entrant in the field that uses a single SSH session per server, cutting down on deploy time. Mina uses Rake and deploy routines are set up in config/deploy.rb:

require 'mina/git'

set :domain, 'your.server.com'
set :user, 'flipstack'
set :repository, 'flipstack'

task :deploy do
  deploy do
    # Preparations here
    invoke :'git:clone'
    invoke :'bundle:install'

task :restart do
  queue 'sudo service restart apache'

Check out the project web site or source on GitHub for complete usage instructions, including test deploys with Rspec and other popular frameworks.


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