Morphine - Lightweight dependency injection for Ruby

GitHubber Brandon Keepers:

Many argue that you don’t need dependency injection in dynamic languages like Ruby. What they are really saying is you don’t need a complicated dependency injection framework, and they’re right.

So Brandon created Morphine, a simple DI library for Ruby. With Morphine, you can create a DI container by including the Morphine module and specifying your dependencies.

class Application
  include Morphine

  register :track_service do, config.tracking_queue)

  register :track_processor do, config.tracking_queue)


  register :kestrel_client do
    c = config['kestrel'].dup'servers'), c.symbolize_keys)

  register :blocking_kestrel_client do

If you feel Ruby benefits from dependency injection and want to contribute, check out the just released source on GitHub.

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