Jerod Santo

Nginx gets the boilerplate treatment

The massive success of the HTML5 boilerplate has inspired similar efforts in other domains. Michael Goreanski has started such an effort for Nginx, the web server employed by many of the Internet’s top sites (recent stats).

Nginx-boilerplate is only a couple months old, but it already boasts configuration templates that feature:

  • A convenient include-based config structure
  • Optimized defaults for caching, gzip'ing, uploads, etc.
  • Connection and requests rate limitation settings
  • Backend response caching
  • Various predefined locations
  • Advanced logging

Boilerplate projects are great because they provide an opportunity for the community to rally around best practices and put them all in one place. The nginx-boilerplate already has a handful of contributors, but I’d love to see that list explode in the coming weeks.

The project is MIT licensed and hosted on GitHub.


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