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no.de: CLI for Joyent's Node.js hosting

Joyent’s No.de sevice and its API look to be an exciting option to host Node.js projects. Jeremy Johnstone brings that API to your CLI with his no.de wrapper.

no.de can be installed via npm:

npm install no.de

Next, configure your API credentials:

$ no.de config --api pengwynn S3CR3T
New config options for API have been saved!

Setting up a new no.de instance requires an invite, or coupon. You can check if you’ve got any available with the coupons command.

$ no.de coupons
You have no available coupons! Try requesting one maybe?

D’oh, no soup for us. Let’s request one, maybe we’ll get lucky:

$ no.de coupons --request
You have already requested a coupon.

I got this message because I had already requested one by showing the API some love, literally:

$ curl -k -u pengwynn:S3CR3T https://api.no.de/♥ -X POST

Oh well, if someone at Joyent is reading this, I’d love a coupon.


Thanks so much to konobi for hooking me up!

[Source on GitHub] [Joyent’s no.de]


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