Steve Klabnik

nphysics: a 2D/3D physics engine for Rust

As you all know, I’m paying close attention to Mozilla’s Rust programming language, and I’m always really excited when new stuff comes out written in it.

That’s why it’s neat to see nphysics: a 2 and 3-dimensional rigid body physics engine, written in Rust. There’s even a demo video!

The “Why another physics engine?” section of the README does a great job of explaining why nphysics is neat:

There are a lot of physics engine out there. However having a physics engine written in rust is much more fun than writing bindings and has several advantages:
  • it shows how well rust behaves with highly generic code

  • it shows that there is no need to write two separate engine for 2d and 3d: genericity wrt the dimension is possible (modulo low level arithmetic specializations for each dimension).

  • in a not-that-near future, C++ will die of ugliness. Then, people will search for a physics engine and nphysics will be there

Super cool!


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