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rack-modernizr: Ruby Rack middleware for Modernizr on the server

A couple of weeks ago we covered modernizr-server, a nifty PHP project that lets you tap into the power Modernizr on the server. Modernizr, of course, is the JavaScript feature detection library that allows you to check browser support for HTML5 and other advanced features.

Inspired by modernizr-server, Marshall Yount brings Modernizr to your Ruby web projects via some slick Rack middleware. The first time a user visits your site, rack-modernizr adds the Modernizr library to your page automatically and stuffs all that Modernizr info into a cookie that you can check on subsequent requests on the server side.

To install, grab the gem:

gem install rack-modernizr

To use in your Rack app, just require it in your rackup file:

# config.ru

require ::File.expand_path('../config/environment',  __FILE__)
require 'modernizr'
use Rack::Modernizr

run MyApp::Application

In Rails, add the gem to your Gemfile and configure the middleware in your application.rb

module MyApp
  class Application < Rails::Application

  config.middleware.use Rack::Modernizr


[Source on GitHub]


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