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ripple - Ruby client for Riak

Are you a Rubyist and want to play with Riak, the sweet new NoSQL distributed database we featured earlier? During our interview for upcoming Episode 0.1.4, Sean Cribbs gave us a scoop. Introducing Ripple, a hot new Ruby client for Riak.

An example from the README

require 'riak'

# Create a client interface
client = Riak::Client.new

# Retrieve a bucket
bucket = client.bucket("doc")  # a Riak::Bucket

# Get an object from the bucket
object = bucket.get("index.html")   # a Riak::RObject

# Change the object's data and save
object.data = "Hello, world!"

Still want more Riak? Stay tuned. Episode 0.1.4 will rock!

[Source on GitHub] [Homepage] [Backstory]


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