Steve Klabnik

Ruby4Kids: Another initiative to teach kids with Ruby

There’s a lot of exciting things going on in the Ruby community, but something that’s really exploded lately is education. I’m personally pretty heavily invested in teaching with Ruby, but there are a lot of other great initiatives, too.


Today, I’d like to share with you a really, really cool project: Ruby4Kids. It’s a neat little organization that puts out screencasts, teaches classes, and generally just gets kids excited to make their own games with the always-fun Gosu gem.

Another thing that’s really great about Ruby4Kids is that the kids make screencasts sharing what they’ve done. Here’s one, for example. They also have a blog, and even some fun stuff up on GitHub.

The project is fairly new, kicking off shortly after the new year. Right now, it feels more like a collection of “here’s what we’ve done in classes!” than an actual independent way to learn, but that is by no means a bad thing. And as more classes are held, and more materials are developed, it’s going to be a great resource for independent learners, too.


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