Steve Klabnik

rustboot: a tine 32 bit kernel written in Rust

Hot off the heels of the release, charliesome has written a tiny, tiny kernel in Rust.

It is, of course, incredibly fully featured:

rustboot screenshot

Ha! But, more seriously, this program that writes the screen red is written in Rust, and, in theory, will run on 32 bit commodity PC hardware.

Is something with no features actually a kernel? In the hobbyist OS community, this still counts. Way back in the day, there were applications that were written that also needed to boot the computer, and while an OS that only runs one program may not be what you conventionally think of, I’d say it fits. But really, I don’t care: even if it isn’t a full kernel, it’s a neat hack that would provide a great starting place for someone interested in operating systems and Rust to pick up and run with it.


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