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Rustyhex - a roguelike in Rust

I love roguelikes. My first ever interaction with a computer was in a related genre: interactive fiction. As soon as I saw Adventure, I was hooked on computers forever. Then, in college, I discovered nethack, and friends and I wasted way too much time attempting to ascend.

I mean, how can you resist this?

The bat bites!

     |....|    ----------
     |....-#   |...B....+
     |....|    |.d......|
     ------    -------|--

Player the Rambler     St:12 Dx:7 Co:18 In:11 Wi:9 Ch:15  Neutral
Dlvl:1 $:0  HP:9(12) Pw:3(3) AC:10 Exp:1/19 T:257 Weak


Well, they’ve gotten a bit better since then. Here’s what Rustyhex looks like:


As the README mentions:

Rustyhex is a work toward implementing a simple rouge-like game with hex tiles.

It’s written in Rust and it’s primary purpose is to learn and practice Rust language.

Seems cool! It uses the Rust SDL bindings to interface with the outside world, and is pretty small: it’s right around a thousand lines of code, by my rough count.

Games are one area that I’m really excited about with Rust: given that it’s native to Mac/Windows/Linux, and has an emphasis on low-level speed, Rust could be a pretty decent language for making them.


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