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Selene: Asynchronous SSL/TLS

A common issue when working with SSL/TLS libraries is that they are synchronous, you ask the library to do something, then have to wait for it to finish before you can do anything else, Selene by Paul Querna aims to change this.

Selene is an C library that sits on top of your SSL/TLS library — currently only OpenSSL is supported — providing an asynchronous API for interacting with it. Currently selene is in an early stage of development, but aims towards the following goals:

  • Completely Asynchronous: it does no IO itself, but provides notifications that IO should be done.
  • Test Driven Development: A test framework to test all code paths.
  • Pluggable Backends for Cryptography: Currently only focusing on OpenSSL, but others are possible.

Selene is definitely something that you are probably going to want to checkout if you’re working with SSL/TLS and want to get the best performance and throughput possible.

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