t-minus: Instant prelaunch page for your Rails3 app

Wynn Netherland Wynn Netherland

Let’s say you want to generate some buzz for your app as you develop. It would be nice to have a splash page to collect email signups and then quickly take down when the site is ready.

If you’re running Rails 3, John Grimes has made it a snap with T-minus, a Rails engine that provides a splash page and signup form. The app collects email signups and even has Campaign Monitor integration built-in.

To get started, add T-minus to your Gemfile

gem "t-minus"

… and then bundle:install.

Now you can run the supplied generator:

rails generate t_minus:install

Edit your database settings in the generated config/prelaunch_config.yml and then migrate up:

rake db:migrate

If you want to customize the model or controller, you can generate those, too, to override the supplied gem versions:

rails generate t_minus:controller
rails generate t_minus:model

When your app is finally ready for primetime, simply set active to false in config/prelaunch_config.yml.

[Source on GitHub]

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