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tumblr-rb - Post to tumblr from the command line

tumblr-rb from Mark Wunsch is a cool new Ruby wrapper for Tumblr, the blogging service that powers The Changelog. While not the first Ruby wrapper for Tumblr, nor even the first with CLI support, tumblr-rb is the first we know of to support YAML front-matter.

YAML front-matter isn’t a special part of your brain, rather it’s YAML formatted meta-data at the top of a text file, a pattern made popular by Webby, Jekyll, Nanoc, and other static-ish publishing tools:

title: The Tumblr Gem
state: queue
format: markdown
tags: Ruby, Tumblr, Weary
slug: tumblr-rb

You can also give it a URL:

  $ tumblr http://mwunsch.github.com/tumblr/tumblr.1.html

That will create a _Link_ post on Tumblr pointing to the `tumblr` manpage.

Another cool thing about tumblr-rb is how Mark has employed Chris Wanstrath’s new gem-man (Changelog article forthcoming) to create awesome looking man pages for the gem.

Tumblr is about removing the friction from blogging workflow. If you spend any time in the terminal, tumblr-rb takes it even farther.

[Source on GitHub] [Marks’ Tumblog]


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