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Twurl - OAuth-enabled curl for the Twitter API

OAuth is cool but developing with OAuth can be a pain. Inspired by curl and Hurl.it (featured on Episode 0.1.5 with Leah Culver), the Twitter team has realeased a couple of tools to make developing with the Twitter OAuth API much easier.

Twurl is a Ruby gem from Marcel Molina that lets you make requests to the Twitter OAuth API from the console. To begin install the gem:

sudo gem install twurl

Then from the command line (not the Ruby console) you can authorize twurl using your API keys:

$ twurl authorize --consumer-key the_key       
                --consumer-secret the_secret

Now you can make requests to API methods:

$ twurl /1/statuses/home_timeline.xml

The Twitter team also has a nifty GUI version up on the new Twitter Developers Site that even pre-populates your Twitter apps in a drop-down.

[Source on GitHub] [Web version]


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