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vmail - Check your Gmail from within vim

When I said I loved the command line, I wasn’t kidding. Therefore, of course, when I need to edit text files, I use vim. It’s just the right choice.

So it’s with a small amount of pain that I show you this interesting little project today. A common criticism that text editor (vim) fans throw in the face of operating system fans (emacs) is that a text editor should simply edit text. vmail, by Daniel Choi, lets you check your email from within vim. Here’s a (slightly outdated) screenshot:


How cool is that? Like I said, I’m slightly torn, but it’s still pretty freaking cool.

Installing vmail is pretty easy. Just

$ gem install vmail

As always, this means you need Ruby. To configure vmail, you need to make a .vmailrc file in your home directory. It should look something like this:

password: password
name: Daniel Choi
signature: |
  Sent from vmail.

If you leave the password part out, it’ll just prompt you for your password when you start vmail. Doing that, by the way, is easy:

$ vmail

You can also pass in arguments to vmail: they let you filter via either a label, or search terms:

$ vmail mailing-lists
$ vmail from

There are approximately one billion options that are supported by vmail, so if you’re interested, you can check out the project homepage to learn everything you need to know.

[GitHub] [README] [Homepage]


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