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watch - simple periodical execution utility in C

Guard is a big part of my development workflow for preprocessing styles and coffeescript as well as running tests. TJ prefers the power of C and make:

$ watch make test &
[1] 3794
✔ bifs.components
✔ bifs.dark
✔ bifs.darken
✔ bifs.image-size

It should be noted that Guard uses filesystem events instead of polling and has a robust DSL and a long list of plugins, but watch + make make a lean yet useful combo. As TJ says in the README:

use a Makefile. With the large quantity of copy-cats (Rake,Jake,Sake,Cake…) people seem to be forgetting that Make is awesome, if you take a little bit of time to learn it you’ll love it (or at least most of it). Make will utilize mtime and only build what’s necessary, this is great.

Check the project source for more info and usage.


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