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with Bryan McCann, co-founder & CTO of

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Neural search and chat-based search are all the rage right now. However, has been innovating in these topics long before ChatGPT. In this episode, Bryan McCann from shares insights related to our mental model of Large Language Model (LLM) interactions and practical tips related to integrating LLMs into production systems.



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1 00:00 Welcome to Practical AI
2 00:42 Bryan Mccann
3 01:47 What is
4 06:21 What's different in these new algorithms
5 09:28 How has the public view changed
6 11:53 Will this change search engines?
7 15:19 How will enhance tooling?
8 17:41 You and mutli-modality
9 21:17 AI tools for the next generation
10 26:28 Any wisdom worth sharing?
11 29:49 Our future relationship with models
12 34:11 Practical tips for practitioners
13 38:24 How to get started on
14 41:06 Outro


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