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A dev's thoughts on developer productivity

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Beyang Liu:

Why don’t we hear more developer voices in the conversation about “developer productivity”? Most self-styled experts on developer productivity seem more interested in selling something rather than painting an accurate picture of how devs really work. Perhaps as a consequence, we’re swimming in acronyms, magic metrics, and methodologies, but not a lot of rigorous systems thinking.

He says devs should take charge of their tools, how they work and what they look like. Do you agree?

Devs are systems thinkers. Our job is to model and build systems, and we often draw out diagrams and schematics to illustrate how those systems work. But when it comes to our own work, we are letting others draw the pictures—and they’ve done a poor job. I doubt that I’m the only dev who feels a little wary of what the “experts” on my productivity have had to say.

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