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Become a manager of engineering managers

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The transition to becoming a manager of managers requires an entirely new set of skills: hiring, on-boarding, and coaching engineering managers are fundamentally different jobs than hiring, on-boarding, and coaching engineers. It’s now much more about guiding teams, communicating in terms of broad themes of work, and proactively calibrating with peers to stay connected and aligned.

This free webinar from our friends at GitPrime will include discussions around:

  • How the transition to becoming a manager of managers is unique
  • Best practices for on-boarding and coaching new managers
  • Strategies for keeping a pulse on how teams are doing while encouraging autonomy

**Attend on October 17th to hear from panelists at Intercom,, and Datadog as we discuss lessons learned in growing as a manager of managers, and share various approaches to hiring, on-boarding, and coaching managers.

Panelists: Rich Archbold (Sr. Director of Eng at Intercom), Charity Majors (CTO at, Ian Nowland (VP, Engineering at Datadog), and Marcus Blankenship (Technical Leadership Coach)

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