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Error monitoring and exception handling at scale

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If large-scale software is simply too complex to be bug-free, and you’re not able to test for all the ways your users will interact with your application…what are you supposed to do? That’s exactly what Joel Hans shares in this post on the Raygun blog.

Even if your team dogfoods your application, watches countless Hotjar recordings of real-user interactions, and thinks they’ve tested everything, you’re still restricted by your bias on how the application works or how the product team has defined their user stories.

The reality of large-scale codebases is different. When thousands of users are simultaneously exploring your application, they find ways past all of the guardrails your team might have set up, whether that’s with unexpected interactions or by using devices you hadn’t planned for. You might even discover that a staging server, tested on by only your development team, behaves very differently compared to your production infrastructure under heavy load or latency.

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