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Take the worry out of managing PostgreSQL, MySQL & Redis

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Our friends at DigitalOcean introduced managed databases for PostgreSQL earlier this year. Recently, they added two new databases to their managed databases mix — MySQL and Redis!

Whether you are using MySQL, Redis, or PostgreSQL, building and managing database clusters from the ground up is a herculean task. Developers often spend valuable time and resources on database management, which prevents them from focusing on building and enhancing apps. We introduced Managed Databases to simplify the lives of developers by addressing these common challenges:

  • Determining the optimal infrastructure needed to host your databases is time-intensive
  • Scaling the infrastructure that supports your database is often a slow and expensive task
  • Implementing reliable failover processes is difficult
  • Over-provisioning of underlying infrastructure leads to increased costs
  • Setting up a complete and reliable backup and recovery process requires a lot of effort
  • Maintaining and updating databases often needs dedicated personnel
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