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Away from Keyboard Away from Keyboard #7

Suz Hinton says find your allies

2018-09-26T17:00:00Z #culture 🎧 2,771

Almost eight years ago, Suz Hinton made one of the biggest decisions of her life: move away from her home in Melbourne, Australia and move to the United States. After amicably breaking up with her boyfriend, another decision lied ahead: would she stay?

Suz talks to me about culture shock, the hoops she had to jump through to get her visa, her parents, and dealing with burnout.

Away from Keyboard Away from Keyboard #4

Jeff Robbins is an actual rockstar

2018-08-08T17:00:00Z #culture 🎧 2,174

While some dream of having a successful career, Jeff Robbins has already had several. Once the lead singer and guitarist for Orbit, Jeff has worked on some of the most famous Drupal websites. He talks to me about his early interest in computers, starting Lullabot, and adjusting to life after leaving the company he built and ran.

Away from Keyboard Away from Keyboard #3

Ashley Baxter is excited about… insurance?

2018-08-01T17:00:00Z #culture +1 🎧 2,244

Thirteen years ago, Ashley Baxter inherited the family insurance business when her Dad passed away. Even though she’s a talented photographer, and built a successful photography business, the insurance industry kept calling her name. Ashley talks about what excites her about insurance, the challenges of running a business, and how burnout forced her to focus.

Away from Keyboard Away from Keyboard #2

Justin Jackson finds focus

2018-07-18T17:00:00Z #culture +1 🎧 2,603

I first heard of Justin Jackson about six years ago. Back then, he was consulting full-time for a company with the dream of going independent. Fast forward to 2018, and after building a successful business, he’s now embarking on a new adventure. Justin talks about his parents, dealing with depression, and a new business he’s co-founded.

Away from Keyboard Away from Keyboard #0

Welcome to Away from Keyboard

2018-07-10T21:11:40Z 🎧 2,541

Away from Keyboard is a new show from Changelog that talks to creative professionals about how they do what they do, where they started, and how they deal with the things that make us all humans. As exciting as our work can sometimes be, we all face burnout, a lack of motivation, mental and physical health issues, and more. While these are topics that can be difficult to talk about, our experiences shape who we are and teach us so many things. AFK is a show that explores the human side of creative work.

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