JS Party – Episode #308

Frontend Feud: CSS Podcast vs CompressedFM

with Una & Adam vs James & Brad

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Una & Adam from The CSS Podcast defend their Frontend Feud title against challengers James & Brad from CompressedFM. Let’s get it on!



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1 00:00 It's Feud time, y'all!
2 00:26 Welcoming our contestants
3 01:52 Jerry the intern's interview questions
4 03:45 How the game works
5 04:44 Round 1: Favorite coder
6 12:36 Sponsor: Vercel
7 16:08 Round 2: First CSS property
8 19:17 Round 3: Favorite coding site
9 24:24 Round 4: First HTML element
10 30:01 Round 5: Development makes me
11 34:11 Sponsor: Changelog News
12 35:42 Round 6: First protocol
13 40:58 End Game
14 41:31 Interviewing the champs
15 45:54 Closing time
16 46:37 Fueling the next Feud...
17 47:29 Next up on the pod


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Hello, and welcome to Frontend Feud, our award-worthy game show, where rival podcasts duke it out in the court of JS Party listener opinion. Yes, we have surveyed 163 of our loyal, intelligent, ridiculously good-looking listeners with open-ended questions, compiled their responses and tallied them up. Through six rounds of play. Our two teams will attempt to guess the most popular answers to these questions. The team with the most points after six rounds wins. Let’s meet our contestants: the defending three-time champs, Una Kravets and Adam Argyle from the CSS Podcast. Welcome back, you two.

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you for having us! We’re ready…

Excited to have you back. And our challengers hail from Compressed.fm. Two thirds of them at least. We’re joined by James Q Quick and Brad Garropy. Welcome, guys.

What’s up, what’s up?

Awesome to be here.

We are excited and we are all secretly rooting for you… Because how many times can the CSS Podcast keep winning over and over again…?

Take this baton… Take it from me…!

Look, we don’t make the rules. We just play the game.

And you play it well. You play it quite well. I am your host, Jerod Santo, and I traditionally drum up some witty questions to get to know our players. But I didn’t have enough time, so I tasked our intern Jerry with viewing each of your internet profiles and writing a question for me, which I will read aloud for the very first time now. Una, let’s start with you. Actually, under your team, it just says “Everybody knows unit and Adam, CSS-blah-blah-blah, bright colors, blah, blah, blah. Why don’t you just lose? We’ve all had enough already.” [laughter]

Oh, thanks, Jerry.

So… That’s inappropriate, but I guess no further questions. Let’s turn now to Team Compressed FM. James, your name is James Q Quick. When do you plan on suing Misko Hevery and the Qwik web framework team for blatant name plagiarism and copyright infringement?

It’s in the works. That’s – I can’t talk about it too much, because of legal issues. But it’s also worth noting that it’s spelled differently. So I don’t know how much of a legal standing I have…

You’re ruining your case right now. You should not be talking.

[laughs] I think they probably realized that too, though. So they would probably bring that to their defense.

Well played. Well played. Brad, according to your website, BradGarropy.com, you’re a growing content creator. But you write your name in all lowercase… When are you going to grow up and use capital letters? Jerry, that’s so wrong. You are fired! [laughter] I’m sorry, Brad. Good interns…

Look, the less decisions I have to make about what’s capital and what’s not, and how you spell frontend, and when it’s capitalized, the easier my life is.

I’m down with hyphens on the frontend. I don’t know how you all feel, I just – I just get rid of the hyphen, and I squash it all together. What’s your hot takes?

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

It’s his small anticapitalist protest. [laughter]

Very good. Very good. Well, let’s play this game, shall we? Each round begins with a face-off, or interface-off, if you’re into puns, in which one member of each team steps up and gets a first chance to guess. Now, unlike the real Family Feud, we do it serially, not in parallel, because internet latency. So you’ll take turns, and whoever matches the highest answer on the board gets to play that round. The team that plays will guess repeatedly, until they get three strikes, at which point the other team has a chance to steal all the points in the round by matching anything left on the board. The only real rule is when you’re in your regular turns, you cannot confer with your teammate, but during steals you can confer. Are there any questions?

Are you ready to lose? [laughter]

Are you talking to Jerod?

Not a chance. Not happening.

I win every time. I don’t know what you are talking about…

Jerod’s always the winner.

Yes. If not, I at least declare that I am. Okay, let’s load up our game board…

I’m scared.

…and let’s play round one. We will begin with James versus Una. Step right up… And Una, we will begin with you. We asked JS Party listeners to name the person who created their favorite software library, or framework. The top four responses are on the board. I will say that to make the board, a response had to get at least five people to say it. So anything four or less did not make the board. We have four answers. Una, what do you think is at the top of that board?

Well, the first that comes to mind is Dan Abramov.

Okay, show us Dan Abramov. [fail alert] I’m sorry, Dan is not a top four name.

Wow, interesting.

Which means we go to James, with an opportunity to take the board.

I’ll go Guillermo Rauch.

Show us Guillermo Rauch [fail alert] Oh, boy. Very interesting… We are 0 for 2. It goes back to Una now. We continue to face-off until one of you match the board.

Rich Harris?

Show me Rich Harris. [win alert] You got it. He is number two, Rich Harris, with 17 responses.

Now, because you went first, James gets one more chance. If he can match that number one spot, then Compressed will play the round. If not, you win the round. So James, one more guess. What’s above Rich Harris?

I am really not sure. I guess I’ll go Misko from Angular, and then maybe Qwik counts, too…

Okay. Show us Misko Hevery. [fail alert] I’m sorry, Misko is not in the top four. So CSS Pod is playing this round. You have number two, that’s Rich Harris. We asked everybody to name the person who created their favorite software library or framework. Adam has been over there, waiting in the wings. You’ve had lots of time to think. What do you think, Adam?

There’s another Adam… The last name is Wathan. I think he’s on there.

Show us Adam Wathan. [fail alert] Sorry, you are incorrect. And you get one strike. Now back to Una.


We have numbers one, three and four, they’re out there… Lots of names though. This is tough. What are you thinking?

This is a really hard one. I feel like we’ve said a lot of people that I would expect to be on here… Let’s try Evan You for Vue.

Okay, show us Evan you. Number one answer. 21 people named Evan You…

…as the person who created their favorite library or framework. We go back to Adam.

That was my next one…

Oh, no… [laughs]

And then my list is out, except that I have one more here, but it’s not a framework. They created like a platform, and I’m like, I don’t know if anyone’s going to write that… Okay, creator of Node, Ryan Dahl.

Show us Ryan Dahl. [fail alert] No, Ryan Dahl. Two strikes. Back to Una, the last strike…

Oh, this is so hard…

And then we have Compressed with the opportunity to steal.

Oh man, this is a hard one. Who created jQuery? [laughs] That’s a favorite… Oh, I think it’s John Resig who created jQuery.

I think you’re right.

Show us John Resig. [win alert] You are correct, and he is the number three person.

I’m out of ideas now. [laughs]

With just one left on the board, you have –

I’m shocked about that.

Excellent guess. You have 52 points on the board, you have one strike left… Gotta land that last spot. We go back to Adam. This is tough.

If I can’t land this, they could steal the whole board.

This is correct.

Some high pressure…

I don’t have any more ideas though…

High pressure. So we named some huge frameworks… Okay, so John Resig is on there. After jQuery, Svelte and Vue… React wasn’t on the board, for some reason. At least Dan wasn’t. I don’t think we’re gonna get into like Backbone. It’s not Addy Osmani, or anything like that… Library or framework… So tough. Okay, Sindre Sorhus.

Interesting. Good guess.

That’s a really good guess.

Show us Sindre Sorhus. [fail alert] I’m sorry, but that is not the third person.

It’s okay, Adam. It was a great guess.

So you have scored 52 points. You hold on to those…

Oh, we do? Oh, okay…

No, unless James and Brad can steal. [laughter]


I’ve gotta finish my sentences faster…

It’s a big caveat.

Yes. So Brad and James, you can confer; you can talk amongst yourselves. You get one guess, and you have to match that fourth spot to steal the board.

[00:09:43.04] Okay, so my take is this is probably a library… I think we’ve exhausted all the frameworks at this point. And I can think of a few big time library authors. I was gonna go with Sindre, that’s a really great guess… But if we try to think of like single big-name libraries, I’m thinking maybe Tanner Linsley for like React Query, things like that. Or maybe like Ryan Florence for React Router, Reach UI…

Oh, I would probably – yeah…

Remix… I mean, that could go up there…

That would be good. Also just a big name, like across the board, too.

A big name across the board.

I also thought about Astro, just because the hype with Astro now; like, if people answered recently, there’s a chance that they would have been popular enough. I would probably go Remix or Astro versus Tanner Linsley, just because of definition of framework.

Yeah, it’s a software library or a framework, and I think Ryan Florence at least crosses both of those boundaries there. So I might go Ryan Florence.

Oh, I didn’t realize this. It’s for library, or for – okay, yeah. Let’s do it.

Say it again. Ryan Florence, final answer?

Ryan Florence.

Alright, for the steal, is Ryan Florence in that fourth slot? [fail alert] I’m sorry, he is not. So…

This is how we win. [laughter] This is our technique.

How is jQuery on there?

Yeah, I can’t believe it.

Who voted for jQuery?

That was epic… We will award the 52 points to Team CSS Podcast. We will reveal the fourth slot… The author of a little –

It’s probably one of the ones you talked about. It’s gotta be.

…static site generator called Eleventy, it’s Zach Leatherman.


Wow, congrats, Zach. You’re in the top four.

Now, let’s talk about some runners up, because all the names that you guys named got votes. So Tanner Linsley got four…

I’m surprised Dan’s not on there, just given the listenership…

Ryan Carniato got four, from Solid. We’ve got Jordan Walke; he created React, right? With four. Ryan Florence had three, Ryan Dahl had three, David Heinemeier Hansson from Rails got three, Dan Abramov got three… Adam Argyle got three.

Yeah, he did.

[unintelligible 00:11:53.00]

Which is better – you all did better than Tim Berners Lee, who got to shout-outs. [laughter] Patrick JS got a vote… Anybody who’s been tracking the Everything saga, Patrick JS, Unleashed on Npm. That was a funny one. And then there’s one vote for Bob from accounts. So shout-out to you, Bob, for an awesome job, creating someone’s favorite library or framework…

Thank you, Bob.

Alright, that goes to the end of round one. CSS Pod takes an early lead with 52 points, Compressed just getting started.

Let’s go to round two, and we now have Brad and Adam facing off. Let’s start with Brad. We asked JS Party listeners to name the first CSS property that comes to your mind. The top six responses are on the board. Brad, what do you think is at the top of JS Party listeners’ minds?

I’m gonna go with margin.

Show us margin. [win alert] It’s on there at the number five slot, with seven responses.

So lots of opportunity for Adam to match higher than that. Adam, what are you thinking?

I’m gonna say display.

Show us display. [win alert] Number one answer, display.

Wow! Yes, CSS! [laughter]

I’m never gonna get rid of these two. Okay. CSS Pod is playing round two as well. We go to Una. You’ve matched two of six. What else do you think in terms of CSS properties is in the minds of JS Party listeners?

I’m gonna go with the first CSS property that I learned, which is color.

Show us color. [win alert] You got it, slotted in there at number two, worth 37 points.

How else do you know your CSS is working…? [laughter]

Oh, that gave me an idea for another one.

Oh, no… We need to be quiet. [laughter]

They do not need any help. Alright, Adam, back to you.

Um, font size…

Show us font size. [win alert] This one is grouped underneath the very broad category of font-*, so family size etc. 11 votes on font. Two left, slots three and six, back to Una.

Alright, I’m gonna go with background.

Show us background. [win alert] You got it. Background, slotted in there at number three. No strikes yet. You guys are just batting 1000 this round. I guess it is CSS properties, it makes a little bit of sense…

That’s how we get the big points. The last one’s the hardest.

Adam, answer for the win…

[unintelligible 00:18:13.02] and we’re hitting these over. I’m pretty sure the last one’s padding.

Can they go six for six? Show us padding. [win alert] Yes, they can. [laughter] Wow…!

Hot diggity!

Nice one…! Way to [unintelligible 00:18:30.01]

A perfect round, scoring 130 points.

I think that’s our first. I don’t think we’ve ever done that before.

We’ve never done that before.

I don’t think anyone’s ever done that before, so congratulations you two.

Yeah, congratulations…

You’re asking the CSS Podcast about CSS properties…

You should see our next one, it’s all about compression algorithms. These guys are going to kill it… [laughter] Coming up, runners up, we had border, which had four mentions. Float had four, even some clear fix involved there… And then one person had debugging on the mind. They said border, thin, solid, red. So I think that’s something we all can enjoy as well… Alright, that’s round two.

After two rounds, let’s award those points. CSS Pod, 182. Compressed - y’all know what Compressed’s score is, let’s not say it out loud. Okay, round three… We go back to Una and James for the interface-off. Step right up. And we’ll let James go first this time. We asked JS Party listeners to name their favorite coding website. The top five responses are on the board. James, if you can hit number one, don’t give them a chance to play, I would suggest that.

Oh, is that what we’re supposed to do?

…is just do better than we’re doing right now? [laughter]

If you score more points than then, you’ll win. So that’s my other strategy.

Oh, it’s a point game. Now I get it… This is hard to think about like what level the audience is at, but I’m gonna go freeCodeCamp.

Okay. We asked our listeners about their favorite coding website. Is freeCodeCamp one of the top five? [win alert] Yes, it is. However, it’s in the five slot.

[00:20:17.11] That’s great.

So that opens the board to Una for a chance to take it. You just have to match one through four. What do you think?

Okay, my guess is GitHub as a coding website.

Sounds like a safe guess… And it is a safe guess. Number three.

Sorry, James. [laughter]

Okay, so CSS Podcast plays the board again. They have github.com at number three, freeCodeCamp.org at number five, and there are slots one, two and four still available. We go to Adam. Favorite coding website.

Alright, I’m pivoting, because apparently I was not thinking like everyone else, and I have a whole list of names that I think are not good. So I’m going to pivot and say Frontend Mentors.

Okay, show us Frontend Mentors. [fail alert] I’m sorry, that did not make the board. Strike number one. Back to Una.

Alright, I had a couple of thoughts, but I’m going to say ChatGPT.

Show us ChatGPT. [fail alert] Oh, for sure I thought it’d be on there.

The plot thickens… Strike two.

If we were honest, it would be. [laughter]

Is it a website? I guess it kind of is a website, isn’t it?

It’s a website. OpenAI.chat, or whatever; chat.openai.com.

It was a good guess.

It was okay.

Okay, I’ve got mine… I’m just gonna go back to my original train of thought and say CodePen.

Show us CodePen. It’s on there, slotted in at number two. Good guess. Okay, so one and four are still blank. We have CodePen, GitHub and freeCodeCamp. Una, back to you.

Okay, so on that same vein, I believe it’s called Code Sandbox… It’s a very similar vibe, so I’m gonna go with that. Code Sandbox.

Show us Code Sandbox. [fail alert] I’m sorry, but that is not –

Is that not the name?

That is the name.

That’s the right name. Definitely, yeah.

It just didn’t quite hit the top five. Okay, guys, here’s your big opportunity… There are 48 points, plus whatever you score if you land number one or number four. You can confer and steal.

I’ve got MDN, just for like –

Nobody said MDN…

Yeah, but people don’t typically love it…

Or do we just go what everybody’s thinking and you say Stack Overflow?

Nobody said Stack Overflow.

Do people love Stack Overflow?

Nobody’s mentioned CSS-Tricks, or… What was that one that Chris Sev sold to DO?

Yeah, Scotch.

Scotch. I feel like that would be lower, though…

CSS-Tricks was like sold too, right?

Yeah, it’s kind of been dormant for a little bit… Which I feel like it would still be up there, but it may be a little less top of mind…

Yeah. I think MDN or Stack Overflow. Or something with docs, I feel like.

Yeah. I feel like people are more likely to say Stack Overflow.

That’s what I’m thinking. Let’s lock it in then.

Locking it in? Alright, Stack Overflow for the steal. Is it a favorite? [win alert] Yes, it is. At number four.

See? This is what happens now that I know we’re supposed to get points to win. Now we know how to play.

12 responses.

I put that on my list, but I thought nobody would pick it, so I chose ChatGPT instead.

So there’s 60 points to steal there. We’ll award those to team Compressed, and we will reveal the favorite website of JS Party listeners… You guys are on to it, it’s developer.mozilla.org.

It is? Okay.

Honorable mentions this round… We have a mention of CSS-Tricks, pre-acquisition. We have CSS-Tricks with a frowny face. Then we have “CSS-Tricks, gone, but not forgotten.” Aww…

Aww… Rest in peace.

That’s cool that it’s still on there.

[00:24:08.09] Yes. So it was definitely mentioned three times, all in such a manner. Okay, so you’re on the board now. It’s still anybody’s game. There are three more rounds to play, and I didn’t say at the beginning, but the last two rounds are double points. So in terms of the pointspread, you guys have plenty of time to come back.

Alright, we move now to round four. This is the inverted round. So it doesn’t work like regular rounds. There’s no interface-off. There’s simply a passing back and forth of opportunities to guess… And you’re trying to match the board, but you’re actually trying to match the bottom side of the board. So you want the least popular of the most popular responses. The lower on the board you are, the higher the points scored.

So we’ll just alternate between teams. We will start with Compressed, since you won the previous round, and we’ll go with Brad. We asked our listeners to name the first HTML element that comes to your mind. As a reminder, you do not want to guess the most popular one, because you’ll score less points that way. What do you think?

Okay, popular but not popular…


Not too popular.

You know, paragraph, the p tag. It’s run of the mill, it gets the job done…

Right down the middle…

Not top of mind.

You know it, but you don’t love it… Okay, I know what you’re thinking about there. Let’s see, is the p tag anywhere on the list? [win alert] Yes, it is, and it’s right there in the middle, right at number four.

Okay, that’s good.

So nine people said the p tag. That scores you 20 points, so we will go ahead and award those… And we’ll go over to Adam now. There are six answers on the board.

Alright. I’m going to say the image tag. Show me image at five.

[laughs] Show Adam image at five… [fail alert] I’m sorry, image is just too obscure… We go now to James.

Hm… I’m gonna go with span.

Show us span. [fail alert]

Sorry. Also too obscure. Una.

Oh, there’s so many options, but which one is just popular enough, yet obscure enough? Alright, I’m gonna go with li for list item.

Show us list item. [fail alert] Oh, boy…

Argh! Why?!

We’re in the land of too obscure here. We’ve gotta go a little more mainstream.

Now you’re making me feel better though. That’s cool. [laughter]

You’re up again, Brad.

I’m gonna go for body.

Show Brad body… [win alert] You got it. And the least popular of the most popular.


Oh, nice!

I definitely would have thought that would be at the top.

Five people said body, and so it’s worth 30 points. We’ll award those now.

Already closing the gap. Compressed at 110, CSS bought at 182. Back to Adam. There’s still four things left to match.

What is button?

This isn’t Jeopardy. Are you just asking me what a button is? [laughter]

Why don’t people use the button? Why do they keep abusing a tags?

Hm… What is button? [fail alert] Button is wrong, that’s button is.

Shame. Button shame is what it is. Dang.

This is really hard to gauge when you’re going on the board, but low.


Show us div. [win alert]


[unintelligible 00:27:31.26]

It’s gotta be number one, right?

Number one.

Yeah, it’s hard to find that middle ground.

Well, hey, five points is five points. So just take it. Take the money and run. Alright, we are back at Una.

Okay, I’m gonna go with main.

Show us main. [fail alert] Not on the board. One, four and six are taken. Slots two, three and five are still out there. Brad, what do you think?

[00:27:56.17] HTML. The HTML element.

Show us HTML. [fail alert] Not top of mind.

Good guess.

There are so many choices here, aren’t there? Okay. Adam.

I need to get one now. At this point, I’m just like “Okay, the anchor tag.” The a tag. I tried button, but maybe this one’s on there? Please?

I think people like anchors quite a bit more than buttons… [win alert] And they sure do. It is the number two response. 13 people, so worth 10 points. We’ll award those now, and we go back to James…

I don’t like it… Let’s go script tag.

Show us script. [fail alert] No scripts on this page… Una.

How about the nav tag? It’s usually one of the first elements to build your sites…

Show us nav… [fail alert] No, ma’am. Brad, back to you.

The head tag.

Show us the head tag. [win alert] It’s in there, and at number five, worth 25 points. Brad’s on fire.

That leaves us with just one element left, at number three. Adam, a chance to score some points here.

Yes. I choose, based on what’s on the board there, h1.

Good guess.

Oh, yeah. Nobody said headers yet.

Why don’t you start at h2 or h3, is my question… Okay, show us h1.


It’d be more obscure than h1, but… [win alert] You are absolutely right.

H1 is right in there at number three, worth 10 points. We will award those to your team. Now, so in order of appearance, div, a, h1, p, head and body. After round for the inverted round, the gap is tight. We have CSS Pod still in the lead with 207, but Compressed FM with 140. So it’s anybody’s game, and facing off in round five is Brad versus Adam.

Starting with Adam. This time, this is a double point round, so a lot of points on the board. We asked JS Party listeners, “In a word, software development makes me _____.” They are supposed to fill in that blank with one word. Adam, which word do you think they filled in the blank with?

I’m gonna go first with “money.”

Software development makes me money.

It does. [win alert] And they said that. Number two answer. 30 people said either money, or rich, or cash, or those kinds of things. So yes, worth 60 points. But still, the number one answer out there… So Brad, if you can stay on fire, hit number one, then you guys play this board, and there’s lots of points out there.

I think the question is whether to go positive or negative here… And I suppose we’re all doing it because we like it, so I’m going to say some version of “Software development makes me happy.”

We know it makes us money/rich. Does it make us happy? [win alert] Yes, it does. But at what slot is the happiness? It’s at number one. Look at that! [laughter]


Brad is streaking over here, and Compressed gets to play this round. They already have 146 points on the board, and three answers left to match. So we go to James. In a word, “Software development makes me _____.” What are you thinking?

I’ll go negative. Tired.

Show us tired. [win alert] You got it. Number four answer. Tired, stressed, and that also –

Una yawns… [laughter] Well timed.

[00:31:57.16] Yes. Alright, no strikes yet. Two answers left to take round five. Back to you, Brad.

We spend most of our time dealing with bugs, probably, so maybe some form of frustrated.

Show us frustrated. [win alert] Yes. Number five answer, angry/grumpy/frustrated. Six people answered that, worth 12 points. So you’ve got all but the number three answer so far. No strikes, 182 points. This will take the lead if you can finish this board. Looking good, guys. What do you think, James?

How much time do I have?

Three seconds. No, I don’t know… What, are you gonna leave? Are you gonna come back?

No… I’m sorry, I just have no idea.

Okay. Well, I can stall for you while you think. So at number one, worth 86 points, 43 people said happy or fulfilled. Number two is money and rich, 30 people. Number four was tired and stressed, 12 people, and number five was angry and grumpy, six people.

I’ll go with confused.

That’s good.

Does software development make people confused? [fail alert] I’m sorry, not enough to match the board. So there’s your first strike. But there’s just one answer left, so it’s definitely not easy pickings at this point. Brad.

I’m gonna go with “Software dev makes me burned out.”

I’m going to call that a duplicate under tired and stressed. So guess another one.

Okay. How about creative?

Does software development make our listeners creative, to take the entire board? [win alert] Yes, it does.


Number three answer. This was grouped into excited, stimulated and creative. These things were grouped together, and so you got it. James, very good. That’s 207 points in this round alone. No chance to steal, so we will award those points, and with that, Compressed has 347, and the lead - and CSS Podcast has one last chance…

Are you sure you don’t want to just call it?

One last chance… Let’s do this, Adam… [laughter]

I feel like five rounds is plenty… I’m getting kind of tired.

Now, round six, for the first time in Frontend Feud in history is both double points and inverted, so this one might get crazy…


Double points and inverted… So everything’s doubled, and we play inverted style, so there will be no face off. We asked our listeners to name the first protocol that comes to their mind. And we’ll start with CSS Pod, with Una.

The first thing that comes to my mind is HTTP, or HTTPS.

Okay, show me HTTP. [win alert] It’s in there, and it’s the most selected answer. 92 people actually said that, out of 167. So that’s a huge number. Worth 10 points, so you’re closing the gap… And we go now over to James.

I think this counts as a protocol… I’ll go GraphQL.

Show us GraphQL. [fail alert] Sorry, no. Adam.

WebSocket. So like the WS…

Gotcha. Show us WebSockets. [fail alert] Sorry, no.

Over to Brad.

Okay, it’s inverted, so it’s a protocol, but it’s not popular… I’m gonna go with TCP.

Show us TCP. [win alert] It is in there, at the number three slot. So 13 people, worth 30 points. That’s a nice number there.

Good job, Brad.

We go back over to Una.

Okay. I’m going to go with File Transfer Protocol, or FTP.

FTP. The old file transfer protocol…

Back in the day, what we used to use…

Yeah. In my day we FTP-ed our files around. And apparently, in JS Party listeners’ day as well. [win alert] That one’s on there, and it’s down near the bottom. Good hob. Number four, worth 40 points…

…awarded to CSS Podcast. Okay. Back over to James. There are still two slots left, number two and number five.

I’m gonna go RESTS… Which may be lumped together with HTTP…

Show us REST. [fail alert] No. No rest for the weary. Adam.

Oh, nice one…

I’m sorry… [laughter]

That was good, Jerod. [laughter]

I’m gonna get arrested for that joke.


Worse. That was a worse joke. Way worse. Yours is better. But I’m gonna go with TLS, because it’s probably not right… But I’m gonna say it anyway. [laughter]

It’s a good reason.

Show us TLS. [fail alert] Not right. Not right. Brad.

I’m gonna kind of go bold here… We’ve got TCP, so let’s do UDP.

Go bold. Show us UDP. [fail alert] Too bold [unintelligible 00:38:18.20]

The universal display protocol… What is UDP?

Something data… I don’t know.

Yeah, datagram? Universal Datagram Protocol? That’s a guess. I don’t even remember.

Una’s Data Protocol.

Yeah, it’s yours. You own it. Alright, Una, what’s your data protocol for this next guess?

[laughs] Okay, so I’m thinking – it’s kind of out there, but it’s the next one that comes to mind, which is IMAP, or like the messaging one for email.

Ah, email. Okay. Show us IMAP… [fail alert] They’re getting hard to come by, number two and number five. Elusive. James.

Let’s go IP, Internet Protocol. IP address…

Show us Internet Protocol…

It sounds legit, yeah.

[win alert] It’s legit! Number five. It’s the least popular of the most popular. [laughter] Worth 50 points. Holy cow. And we go back to Adam. There’s just the number two slot on the board. I will say that in this particular category, I did zero lumping. There is no lumping. And I will say that that might be a hint. You’re up at, Adam.

I’m just gonna say what I was gonna say without your tip, because lumping is – there’s no lumping protocol… [laughter] It’s how I like my potatoes though; give me some lumps.

Kind of like LARPing.

Yeah. Is that a protocol? Is it a Live Action Role Protocol?

LARP protocol?

It should be, if it’s not one yet…

I’m gonna say SMTP.

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. [fail alert] No, sir.


But thanks for ignoring my tip.

I got your tip. I heard it [unintelligible 00:39:55.25]

[00:39:58.09] Brad heard my tip. [laughs]

Come on, Brad.

Yeah, it’s HTTPS.

Atta boy.

Oh, Brad is picking up what I’m putting down. [win alert] Yeah, you got it, HTTPS.

That’s the smoothest clue ever. No lumps.

No lumps there. Lots of points though. 20 of them.

I did say HTTPS, with HTTP…

You said HTTP or HTTPS, and I gave you HTTP, because…

Why didn’t you give me the more points? Why didn’t you give me HTTPS?

I tried to give them to Adam, and he wouldn’t listen to my tip. [laughter]

Anyway, we’re getting killed right now by these Compressed folks…

Well, other answers that happened was one person answered Morse Code.


Definitely a protocol. One person said “Steve”, and then one person said “The first one.” We asked them to name the first protocol, and they said the first one. So you’re a real smarty, aren’t you? [laughter]

I bet Steve created the first one, too.

[laughs] He might have.

It sounds very sci-fi.

Well, I apologize CSS Pod, there’s no comeback here, because we are out of rounds. Literally, that’s the end of the podcast.

End of our streak…

After round six, Compressed has 447 points, CSS Pod with an admirable, but losing 257 points. [laughter] So after six rounds in play, our brand new Frontend Feud champions are James and Brad from Compressed FM.

Congrats, y’all. You killed it.

Fun game. Thank you. That was super-fun.

So here we are, postgame… It’s now time for our exit interview of our new champs… Brad, you were on fire out there. To what can you give credit to your play today? I mean, just spectacular.

For some reason, those inverted rounds really clicked with me, you know? It allows us like some good, but not too good.

Yeah, you were really on fire on the inverted. And James - I can’t say you had the quickest answers, if I may continue my pun game… [laughter] But pretty accurate. Good job, man. How did you like it?

I loved it. I was just glad to be on Brad’s team though, because he definitely carried us… That was super-fun.

I think you’re right, Brad was definitely the MVP. Adam and Una, three-time champs, putting up another valiant effort. You guys were off to a hot start. I thought maybe you were gonna run away with it again…

We couldn’t win again, so…

The inverted rounds kind of – you guys struggled on the inverted rounds a little bit. I’m wondering what you might attribute that to.

I think it’s a tribute to Brad killing it on those rounds. That’s what I’d attribute it to. [laughs]

Brad was scary. He’s bringing the spice. Hot answers, hot takes… [laughter]

You know, I’m gonna take away something from this session though. I’m taking away some interior design tips from James and Brad. So we’re not all going home empty-handed… [laughter]

Don’t forget to paint the ceiling.

Always look at the positive side, of a good takeaway after losing your crown… But you guys have been such awesome players. How many times in a row? It’s been ridiculous. I have to say I was a little excited to see Brad hit fire there, just because, you know, variety is the spice of life. That being said, we love having you guys on the pod all the time, definitely. Maybe come back for some Frontend Feuds.

I think what would be cool will be to bring back past Frontend Feuders, but then mix the teams up. So it’s not like podcast versus podcast, but it’s like a mix and mash. We can kind of do something like that. Would you be up for something like that?


It sounds fun.

Yeah, this game is fun. I’d also like to come up with my own questions, and ask you, Jerod…

I would love that.

…if you can match the shenanigans… [laughter]

What are Jerod’s top answers? [laughs]

We should have a Frontend Feud CSS Podcast edition where it’s like your guys’s show, you run the thing… The game board’s all out there, open source, I’ll show you how to use it… And different audience… I will say - so, to the very first round, the name of the person who made your favorite library or framework… Now, Zack Leatherman is a friend of mine, known him for a long time. Eleventy is an awesome project. He deserves to be on that list. But I will say that because it is JS Party listeners, and because you all know we were coming up short on responses for a while - we had like 65, and we needed 100 in hours to be able to play… And so I asked you all to post about it on your socials, which you did… And Zack also did, and so he had a lot of respondents from his following fill out the survey…

[00:44:19.29] Oh, so Zack filled it out five times…

Yeah, exactly… [laughs] And so thankfully, we actually blew through our 100-mark threshold. I think we had like 160 or something, which was awesome… So we appreciate everybody who took time. I know that survey is kind of fun, but it’s also longer than you expect it to be, because there’s a lot of people that like look at it and then they just leave. Because there’s 30 questions, it takes a little bit of time. The reason why we do that is we can now play a handful of games without doing a survey every single time. But that is one of the reasons why – you know, no disrespect to Zack at all. He’s amazing. But there’s some names not in that list, that are pretty popular names, and Zach was number four. And I think probably because it’s just skewed to us is why it’s like that. So I say all that to say, if we had more of these games, with different audiences filling them out, it might be interesting to see how they play out.

The HTML question was hard. That one was…

There’s so many elements. But the CSS one, you guys drilled it. I think we never had around like that before.

Yeah, unbelievable.

Oh, that was the perfect one, yeah. Yeah, it was very defeating for a little while.

The protocol one was super-tricky, though. Just to come up with protocols, you know…

I know, I was out of ideas. I’m happy that you ended up getting the last one… [laughs]

Yeah, you guys pretty much named all of them that I knew, so… I think gopher was the one I was going to fall back to.

I was going down the mail path…

Right. Yeah, IMAP, SMTP… GraphQL, REST…

What’s the intra-server one? RCP? Or what is it?

gRPC, that’s the one I was thinking of.

Yeah, I was thinking protobufs. That was gonna be my next one.

Oh, I’m surprised that wasn’t on there. Yeah. That’s a good one.

Alright, this has been Frontend Feud. If you enjoyed this game, we’ve played it a bunch of times, so go back into the feed and search Frontend Feud, you’ll find a bunch of episodes. On the website you can even go to JS Party.fm/games, and you’ll have just a list of a bunch of games we played, including a game that’s like Jeopardy called JS danger, and some other stuff. So definitely do that.

If you like this format, of course, let us know. Hit up your favorite Frontend Feud contestant, tell them they did a great job, and tell them that you’d like to have them play again, so that we know that other people enjoyed this… Alright, y’all, this has been Frontend Feud, I’m Jerod… Thank you to Adam and Una once again from the CSS Podcast, and to our new champions, Brad and James from Compressed FM. Any ideas, fellows? Who would you like to defend your championship against in a future Frontend Feud battle?

I’ve got one.

Are you gonna call someone out? Let’s do it.

I wanna go up against Scott and Les.


You’re going big.

Yeah. [laughs]

We can make that happen. We’ve had them on Frontend Feud before, and so they’re well aware, and they enjoyed it… I can’t remember – I think they got beat by the ShopTalk guys, and so they probably already – yeah, they’re probably ready to play again. So that would be cool. So no guarantees, but Compressed versus Syntax coming soon? Stay tuned to find out.

Alright. I’m Jerod, this is JS Party… Thank you all, and we’ll see you on the next one.

Like I said before, if you dig these game shows we do head to JS Party.fm/games, where you will find a lot more Frontend Feud J as danger, pound define gopher say and more. And if you’re listening on Spotify, search for dev game shows there’s a playlist there for you. Next, on the pod. Shawn day person joins Nick and I to tell us all about how she transitioned from a sales role to being a senior software engineer at Netflix in record time. That’s a fun one. You don’t want to miss it. Subscribe. Now. If you haven’t yet, head to JS Party.fm. For all the ways or just search for JS Party in your favorite podcast app, you’ll find us thanks once again to our partners at flying IO to our beat for you can residence brake master cylinder and to you for listening. If you dig the show, please do tell your friends and colleagues. And if you really dig it, hook us up with a five star review. That’s all for now. But come back and party with us again next week.


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